A Mind Body self healing awareness Programme.

My name is Mario Skarvellis, I am a Mind – Body mentor & Success Coach, I have been studying human Behavior most of my life & I am deeply concerned over the Mental health issues, that are affecting us all.

Mental health issues, are discussed in all means of media & affects the young, the elderly, Athletes, fitness conscious, arm chair observers & intellects, no one escapes. We all have a common Enemy, our inner Demons, inner Demons that challenge us every moment of our lives.

To have GOOD thoughts, regularly, needs you to make a conscious awareness & effort to Create a new habit & routine that supports a positive & optimistic outlook & attitude.

To have Negative thoughts & emotions comes easily, its your default first response, as it is your immediate protect system, assuring your safety, insecurities & Ego.

We are consumed by stress, in all areas of our environment, work, home & socially, it is the most talked about topic.

What disappoints & upsets us, what people say & think about us, Our insecurities & fears, the lack of Respect & attention we get from others, whether it be, friends or loved ones, to the big one, Finances.

I would like to share with you, some of the things I have discovered & feel will benefit you.

The biggest disease we suffer from on this planet, is caused through our own thoughts & emotions. Our negative self talk & constant chatter 24/7, over the immediate thoughts & emotions that do not please us, on an every day bases, fuels this dis-ease.

This constant chatter, interferes with our normal Mind – Body communication & fuels our Stress, anxiety & depression, fear, hate, anger, loneliness, insecurity and a feeling of Separation from family, friends & society, which also drives our Addictions.

Did you know that these negative thoughts & emotions (stress) increase the hormone Cortisol.

Cortisol is produced by our central nervous system, through bio chemicals, that are manifested & stored into our cellular & muscle memory, causing tension, pain & disease in our bodies.

The Mind & body needs to have a close communication, to maintain a healthy wellbeing & true Postural alignment.

The human body was created to be in symmetry, to be in balance with its Self & in harmony with all the energy & forces around it.

Like Cortisol the negative hormone, there is a positive or happy hormone called Endorphins,usually experienced during exercise, sex, laughing &positive optimistic thoughts & emotions. These are some of the sources we can set routines & habits around, that will serve us.

An other Bio chemical, Adrenalin which also favors the stressful activities,associated with the energy & excitement of the fight & flight response,that is, when you intentionally, engage in a stressful or risky behavior for a self inducing high.

So, becoming more aware and in control of your thoughts & emotions, controls which bio chemical you stimulate through your body, every day.

When we begin an awareness, toward a mind body communication that is in balance & harmony, we activate our physical instincts & 6 senses tothere Peak Performance.

Our 6 senses expand our body’s natural energy field or Aura, to resonate at its true individual unique Frequency, like an Antenna.

Our body’s true Harmonic Frequency (Aura) networks electro magnetic energy that connects us to the universal flow of Energy, which allows the Power of Attraction & Intention into our lives.

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