“Energy Flows, Where Attention Goes “

There are many beliefs & outside forces that effect our every day, thoughts & emotions.

The moon affects our ocean tides every day with regularity & water is the body’s principal chemical component which makes up about 60% of your body weight, so, how much does it effect you? No one is really sure, foodfor thought.

There are many habits, routines & beliefs that our collective world consciousness have handed down from ancestor to ancestor, that today, do not serve us & have weakened our mind – body spirit symmetry.

One of them was a strict up bringing of using your right hand & punishing and ridiculing, those, using there left hand predominately.

Now, leaving our planets population mainly using there, right hand & right leg instinctively, as there first preference, rather than encouraging an ambidextrous point of view. People that are ambidextrous are uncommon, only one in one hundred.

Our creator fashioned the blue print of an Earthling, a Homo Sapiens design or the skeletal frame we see at Halloween, equal & in balance left & right, that is supported by a inner feature for our balance & symmetry.

Over thousands of years, we have inadvertently & subconsciously altered our DNA cellular & muscle memory, to one that is not, in balance or symmetry with it self or its outer forces of energy.

Our mind uses the auto subconscious DNA files, handed down from our parents & ancestors that define our Characteristics & parameters as a human being, & relies on the information of our natural 5 senses, sight, smell, hearing, touch & taste for All its decision making & actions.

We may not be at fault for where we are today as Earthlings, but we are responsible for our future & it is up to Each & every one of us to improve & re educate our self care & personal development.

We have been created in this physical body to realign MIND BODY & SPIRIT as ONE.

You are the POWER of ONE, it is through the intimate mind – body experience that we open our physical antenna that connects us to our inner soul & spirit.

We need to raise our level of mind body self awareness & consciousness to reunite & activate our 5 natural senses to our 6th senses, to increase our true natural instincts, maternal & paternal, our gut Feeling , intuition, psychic & self healing powers to compliment & serve us.

We are all intuitive beings, its only our physicality that gets in the way, we have to remember, we are a living spiritual being in a physical body, and we have a role to play other than our egos & attitudes controlling Our lives.

We need to stand up & be accountable & responsible for our actions & our Future.

Destressercise uses your Mind Body communication & your natural instincts to get you close up & personal with the True Power of you.

Destressercise uses your Essential body Mechanics, 7 major joints as reference points & is designed to assist you with your self care & self healing, a Body mechanycs maintenance plan.

Destressercise philosophy “Energy Flows Where Attention Goes, “

I will be using this website to assist you, With Daily quotes, interesting articles, Videos showing how, Destressercise works & how it can support you to release your stress & pain & begin a healthy Mind Body & Spirit.

Only you can release your potential and bring passion into your life.

I Would love some feed back from you & any stories, issues or events, you feel will be of assistance to others in our forum.

I am there to support you & assist you through your life’s journey, In the services section are some other ways I can Help you.


“May the Essence be within you”

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