Energy flows where attention goes

So, where we place our attention is paramount, to our well being, longevity, happiness & success.

All our minds thoughts & emotions, whether happy or sad, good or bad,are connected & networked to every needle dot of our bodies cellular & muscle memory, Instantaneously, 24/7, sending & receiving information & commands that control & resonate through our entire body.

“Change the Thought, Change the feeling “ so when you Change the Feeling, you change the thought.

Learning to be in control of your mind body language and assuring they are positive & optimistic ones that assist & complement you, every day, under any circumstances, is to your benefit & well being, increasing your bodies Aura.

Your Aura, your energy field, is collectively made up of 7 major energy points, called chakras.

These Charkras are located from the crown of your head through the centre of your body to the bottom of your pelvis, with the colours of therainbow.

The Charkra colours are Red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, & violet, red starting at the pelvis.

These Charkras are our true channels of communication to the soul, bringing balance to our Mind, Body & Spirit.

Did you know that the human body is made up of 60% water & the body needs to be hydrated regularly, it is recommended that 2litres a day is required for a healthy body to maintain wellbeing.

However it is not common knowledge, that forms of stress, anxiety etc, are subconsciously manifestedin to the body, having a dehydrating effects on the body.

Now add a common stress reliever or two, like cigarettes, coffee, soft drinks, alcohol, drugs (social, pharmaceutical, energy & muscle enhancing) etc, which also have dehydrating effects on the body.

So, if you are in the above category, the recommended 2 liters a day, is not sufficient, you now require about 3 liters a day. The average person would drink about 1 liter a day or less, which is why a majority of people are dehydrated, causing Tensing of muscle tissue & slower blood flow, stricting the nervous system, which causes headaches, pins & needles, pain,lethargy & illness.

If the body becomes dehydrated regularly, its symmetry shifts & our subconscious auto protect system tries to realign our body structure, by shifting muscle mass to counter balance our body, effecting the way we walk.

I would like you to take a moment, to become aware, by observing how other people walk, You will see how one or both legs turn outward like apenguin, to shift this Out of balance. So, for every action, there is, an equal & opposite reaction. Now look down as you are walking & become aware of how you place your feet down & consciously become aware of straightening your feet daily.

Our bodies shift of balance & symmetry throws out our natural harmonic frequencies & locks out Our connection to our soul source of energy & 6th senses the Life Essence spirit energy. A Life Essence spirit energy that is the True Power of You.

A Japanese author & entrepreneur Masaru Emoto has written numerous books that claimed the human consciousness, has an effect on the molecular structure of water, which we are 60% made up of. He believed that water takes on the resonance of the energy, which is directed at it, and that polluted Water can be restored through prayer, affirmations & positive visualization.

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