“Energy Flows, Where Attention Goes “

The biggest disease we suffer from on this planet, is our own negative self talk & constant chatter 24/7 Over the immediate thoughts & emotions that do not please us on a every day bases.

This constant chatter, interferes with our normal mind – body communication & fuels our

stress ( anxiety & depression ), fear, hate, anger, loneliness, insecurity and a feeling of

separation from family, friends & society.

These negative thoughts & emotions are manifested & stored into our cellular & muscle

memory causing tension, pain & disease in our bodies.

The Mind & body needs to have a close communication, to maintain a healthy & true

Postural alignment, the human body was created to be in symmetry, to be in balance with its

Self & in harmony with all the energy & forces around it.

When the body is in balance & harmony, our instincts & 6 senses are at there peak

Performance, expanding our body’s energy field & Aura to resonate at its true individual

Frequency like an antenna.

Our body’s true harmonic frequency connects to the universal flow of Energy, which allows

The power of Attraction & intention into our lives,” Energy flows where attention goes”,

So, where we place our attention is paramount to our well being & longevity.

Being in control of our thoughts & emotions & assuring they are positive & optimistic ones

that assist & complement us, resonates through our entire body, opening our energy points

( chakras ) our true channels of communication to the soul, bringing balance to our

Mind, Body & Spirit.

Note -You can find this in files I gave you in body mechanics folder as new web document

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