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About US

The power of you & the Destressercise mind Body awareness self healing programme were Designed to assist & allow you to take back control of your own self care & personal Development

Over my life time, I have met many great mentors men & woman completing many courses on various topics, management, massaging, success coaching, Life Design, first aid, life saving & a variety of personal development, spiritual awareness & human behavior classes & also an Electrical & data trade.

I Have also played a variety of sports, mainly Rugby League, followed by a number of injuries & operations & rehab. A seafood allergy which has on numerous occasions taken me on a near death experience.

Through all of these experiences I have had a number of epiphany’s & insights I would like to share with you.

You & I are a reflection of our inner source, the true power of you is a divine power.

A divine power we all share with our creator, my legacy is to assist you to get close up & personal with the true power of you.

The unity of the human race is our birth right, it is in our DNA make up, and it is an energy that sustains the essence of life & the source to our divine power. A power of one that is the power of you & the power of all living beings networked to evolve into our true destiny in the life essence.

All of our history has been based on peoples struggles for power & control over others & the masses. These people striving for power & control & the prevention of a true unity between us all, as a world consciousness, have conditioned the human being into some insecurities, fears, anxieties, stresses, beliefs, routines & habits that no longer serve us mentally , Physically or spiritually as individuals or as a world consciousness.

From the blue print & DNA of our existence & all living beings, is a birth right that once had us all side by side working for a common cause, an energy that all living beings possess, from human beings, animals, insects, mother nature & father sky like beacons, stars radiating their energy fields, our own Auras, our natural network of communications between each essence of life.

Be true to yourself & your Destiny “ May The Essence be Within You “

True Power Of you provides 4 components to guide & support your wellbeing & selfcare, so you may reach your peak mind/body self healing development.

Our service

A Mind Body self healing awareness Programme.

A one on one consultancy on the benefits of the programme, taking you step by step though the mind Body techniques

A group Destressercise Mind body self healing awareness programme.

Stimulating group energy,with mind body development exercises.

A Guided Self Healing Awareness MASSAGE.

A mind body guided massage to support the awareness of your essential body mechanics Postural alignment.

A Success coach Stress management programme.

A one on one consultancy to Successfully Overcome Stress & stimulate your wellbeing.